Review: Evidence of Trust by Stacey Joy Netzel

Yet another amazing love story told by none other than the brilliant Stacey Joy Netzel! Did I start off to strong? An instant boast isn’t always the way to go I know, but when it comes to the work of Stacey Joy Netzel I can’t help but want to shout from the roof tops “THESE NOVELS WILL NOT DISAPPOINT YOU”, or just shout it from the pages of this blog. Stacey is a writing force to be reckoned with. Stacey creates love stories that contain a building chemistry, with an edge of mystery, and suspense that will keep you wanting more.

The thing I love most about Stacey’s writing, I know when I pick up one of her novels I am not just picking up a love story. I am diving into an adventure, I am going on a journey, I am solving a mystery and along the way I will fall in love. Evidence of Trust did not disappoint.

Ranger Joel Morgan is searching for a poacher in Rocky Mountain National Park. Everyone Joel comes across is considered a suspect until the poacher is caught. One particular suspect named Brittany seems to push all of Ranger Joel’s buttons, and the feeling seems to be mutual. These two embark on a mystery to uncover the poacher and along the way they find a bit more than either was looking for.

I thoroughly enjoyed Brittany as a heroine. Brittany is headstrong and refuses to bow down to anyone. Brittany is a save herself heroine, not some damsel in distress awaiting her knight in shining armor.  Oh and Joel, my newest book boyfriend. Joel has this country boy feel to him that made me just fall in love with him. These two together form the perfect amount of chemistry that builds stronger throughout the story.

The love story is great believe me I have to have a great love story in my books. But the mystery behind who the poacher is or isn’t, is what kept me flipping the pages in this story. As the story progresses so many things happen and so many clues unfold I just had to know who it was. I just had to know how the story was going to end.

So of course I recommended this story to readers. How could I not? I recommend this story to readers and lovers of contemporary romance.

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