Let’s Talk: Where Has the Book Whore Been Hiding

*Rubs Eyes, Stretches* Hello lovely readers!!  I may be a little rusty at this but I am ecstatic to finally be back in the blogging world. Wait? What was that? You didn’t realize I was gone?!?! *Sniff* Well I want you to know that I missed you all so much. Every reading pal, every author, countless new releases, and every meme I enjoy looking at each week, I missed you. Where have I been you ask? Well have I got a story for you.

The past two years I have been in school for radiology. Up until the last month I didn’t have much of an issue balancing working (two jobs), school, studying, family, and my love of blogging/reading. I did start to have dwindling post but normally I was able to pop in every so often and say hey. Unfortunately this last semester has kicked my butt!! My school load became heftier which forced me to put away my romance novels and replace them with radiobiology books. Not my idea of fun let me tell you.

I am happy to tell you as of this week I have officially graduated! Cheers!

I wanted to jump into a book the very second I exited the stage! After all reading is my favorite escape, my hideaway, my best friend. Now as a graduate I will have lots of time to read…or so I thought. When it comes to being a medical student, graduating is only half the battle, passing your boards are the other half. Rest assured though as of today I have passed my boards!!!! BRING ON THE BOOKS!!!

I have crossed all my hurtles and can now break out of my school books and jump back into my romance novels. No more pencils, no more radiobiology books, no more teacher dirty look. Now that I have completed my schooling, passed my boards I am super happy to jump back into the world of reading/blogging. I miss all my blogging pals and all my reading buddies. I also missed all my book boyfriends but we can keep that tidbit between you and I.

Thanks everyone for sticking through this tough time with me.