Why I Hate My Kindle Fire

I received my Kindle Fire at the beginning of this year. I have been a Nook girl since the start of the ereader fad but I decided I wanted to own a cool piece of technology. Enter the Kindle Fire. I won my Kindle Fire in a bet against my husband, something I should never post on the internet but is honest to God hilarious! It involves aiming and drinking, enough said. Anyhoo I win the Kindle Fire and I am so happy to own my very first tablet-ish.

I get it home and I go to read my first book and the biggest problem from the start is how heavy it is. The Nook Touch is small and fits in my hands and it is light weight. I was used to the lightness of my Nook Touch, my little wienie hands can’t hold weight of the Fire for any long period of time.

Then the headaches started kicking in. Reading on the Kindle Fire is basically like reading on a computer screen. It has a glare and hurts my eyes/head. I cannot read outside with my Kindle Fire because of the glare. I like the Nook Touch because it felt like a book with the ink print screen.

Oh and don’t even get me started on Kindle Pages. I want to meet the person who invented Kindle pages so I can ask if it was some sick joke. I sometimes want to know how many pages are in the book I am reading and I am sure it is not 928351. Recently my Kindle won’t charge and I’ve replaced the charger twice already. It decides when it wants to charge and doesn’t, on top of freezing up and shutting off randomly. I came pretty close to taking a chainsaw to it the other day!

When reading on the Fire I don’t feel like I am reading a book, I feel like I am reading a computer screen. After reading on the Kindle Fire I stopped buying ebooks for a long period of time. I ended up purchasing bound copies because I was thrown into a book withdrawal tizzy. I needed to get my hands on a real book to remind me what I loved about snuggling up with books.

Now the Kindle Fire isn’t all bad. I enjoy tweeting from the Kindle Fire and playing the app games. I like checking my email and updating my Goodreads status. I also really like being able to email review books to my Kindle. It cuts my work load in half, because plugging in the Nook and drag and drop was so hard. (Sarcasm) I’m just lazy.

Now I am thinking about purchasing the basic Kindle, the cheap one. I really like emailing books to the Kindle so I am doing it for review books. If the Nook allowed me to email books to it I would be set! Or if the Kindle didn’t have “Kindle Pages” it would be perfection!

I am curious if anyone else has any of these problems with their “Tablet Readers”?

Disgruntle Consumer

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